All weather exercise options

By Michael Hennessy

Don’t let bad weather derail your exercise activity.

Don’t let bad weather derail your exercise activity. If you see the storm rolling in book yourself in for a class and take advantage of that local gym - free trial or casual visit. Having your indoor option ready-to-go removes the obstacle so pick up a class timetable or download it from the website so you’re ready to go. Many gyms have Pilates classes, group fitness options such as body attack, boxercise or circuits, or even Zumba.

If you prefer to stay at home, a good exercise video can provide a nice change to your normal routine. Make the space to really do it properly and if you can invite a girlfriend around to join you. You’ll both benefit from having each other there to do the workout together.

Another great activity in any weather is dance classes. Check out the local dance studio and sign up for a term of classes with friends. Learn a new routine and go out for a night of dancing with your girlfriends and tear up the dance floor with your professional moves. It’s great fun and excellent exercise!


•    Have your indoor option ready-to-go before bad weather strikes
•    Head out for a gym class or sign up for dance classes
•    Recruit a friend to join you and have fun while you’re staying active

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